Transforming Small Bathroom Ideas in Wigan into Reality

april 1A couple recently came into Bathroom Design & Supply wanting our expertise in transforming a small bathroom. Ideas, the Wigan couple was not short on but they had no real experience in knowing if these ideas could actually work in the space they had. Our expertly trained design specialist sat down with them and began to look at the plans they had brought in. One of the first things that we noticed was they had good ideas but they were limiting their ideas by using the space as it currently existed. This made this already small space virtually unworkable.

We were able to show them that, with a few changes, this space could be made to feel larger and have a much more workable flow throughout the area. First we should them that by removing a wall and relocating the sink area this completely opened up an area for storage. Next we reconfigured the shower area making the whole bathroom feel much more spacious and far more functional. As we have seen in other renovations in Wigan, small bathroom ideas do not need to be limited to the current configuration of the space.

At Bathroom Design & Supply Ltd. we can help customers see that the area is not limited, that their bathrooms can be completely transformed by reconfiguring the space if need be. They can remove walls, add windows and move almost any plumbing area. They were very pleased with the layout we proposed for them and within a few weeks we had completely transformed their small, unworkable bathroom to a beautiful, functioning bathroom. So, if you need great small bathroom ideas in Wigan give us a call or stop by and speak with one of our design specialist, we can help you get the bathroom of your dreams.