What is special about the Bathroom Store in Westhoughton?

april 2The bathroom store in Westhoughton is not just a store where one goes to purchase fittings such as basins, rails, baths and so forth. Bathroom Design and Supply is a one-stop bathroom store that will help you to transform your bathroom from a room that you use but don’t enjoy to a room that is both practical and one in which you can relax.

In Westhoughton, our Bathroom Store will assist you no matter what you need and at every stage of the work being done on your bathroom. At Bathroom Design and Supply we will help you to transform your existing bathroom or create a new one. As part of the service we supply to our customers, we will meet with you to discuss your requirements. During that discussion, our experienced and friendly staff will guide you by providing practical solutions. Our teams will then take measurements that, along with your identified needs, will inform the plans our staff will draw up in order to create the bathroom you want and to make optimal use of the space available. We will also offer suggestions with regards to changes that might be necessary in terms of existing services before the work can begin.

So, whether you are designing a new bathroom for your home or remodelling the bathroom or bathrooms you already have, we can help you every step of the way with the work or conversion. We also provide a “supply only” service should that be all you need. Visit our bathroom store in Westhoughton or call us to discuss your bathroom needs with us!