Shower Installation in Horwich

Shower Installation in HorwichA shower installation in Horwich is a great way to save both water and energy. A bath needs to be filled with hot water and therefore uses large amounts of hot water which in turn uses a lot of energy. Our showers have water and energy saving options.  Different shower heads can reduce the amount of water used while still providing a satisfying shower. The modern showers are very environmentally friendly and reduce water usage. Many accidents in the home are in the bathroom and one of the biggest problems is people slipping in the bath and breaking a limb or drowning. The floor of a shower is rougher than a bath and the glass is usually tempered making it much safer than a bath. You can sometimes alter a half bath to a full bathroom with the installation of a shower.

If you are refurbishing your bathroom in Horwich, a shower installation could save you space. Our highly qualified plumbers and tilers will fit a new shower in your existing bathroom if there is space. We have many shower designs to choose from.  A shower without a step can allow elderly people to bathe unattended.  We can also fit handles onto the walls of the shower to aid stability.  Some showers have a bench in them allowing people to sit down and shower. This could allow some independence for a family member who has limited mobility or is disabled.  Our tilers and plasterers are extremely professional and take pride in ensuring that the shower is completely waterproof.

A shower installation in Horwich can benefit an elderly or disabled family member. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply today to see how we can remodel your bathroom and fit a shower. Having a shower is generally more hygienic than a bath and more cost effective.  We offer a wide range of different shower heads which can turn showering into a spa experience. A completely sealed shower unit will keep in the warmth and give your pores a good steam.