Bathroom Design in Atherton

Bathroom Design in AthertonAre you trying to figure out the best bathroom design in Atherton for the bathroom remodel you have planned? There is no need to give yourself a headache. Bathroom Design & Supply have skilled professionals that can take the square footage you have to work with, the current location of plumbing pipes, drains, electrical wiring and come up with the most efficient design. It’s not that we can’t move the plumbing, drains and electrical but it is more economical if we can work with the current placement. You get the hard work which is choosing from quality cabinetry, counter tops, tile, fixtures, and lighting that is gorgeous and new. You are going to love your options. We get the best prices on top quality fixtures which helps save you money.

Another way Bathroom Design & Supply saves you money is with our comprehensive service. In Atherton, bathroom design to installation is done with our own in-house staff. That means no negotiating prices with multiple contractors or completion delays due to other work commitments.  We follow our own designs, our own critical path to completion and guarantee your satisfaction. Each of our tradesmen is experienced professionals as are our painters and wallpaper hangers. The efficiency and speed with which the work progresses is another benefit. A new bathroom design and installation can disrupt family life but you will be amazed at how quickly we can go from start to completion because we have the whole job under our own control.

Make a list of what matters the most to you when contemplating a bathroom design in Atherton. Perhaps you would like to explore the possibility of the increasingly popular wet room. The idea of being surrounded in easily maintained and beautiful tiles, subtle lighting and luxurious shower fixtures may be your dream come true. For the more traditional bathroom, the designs available for sink, tubs, faucets and shower heads are anything but ordinary. Soft pastel colours for cabinetry with lots of room for storage or maybe you prefer a natural timber look. Contact Bathroom Design & Supply and let’s work on your ideal bathroom design together. We will price the whole job for you so you will know the final cost before work begins.