Bathroom Tiles in Farnworth

Bathroom Tiles in FarnworthIf you need help to select bathroom tiles in Farnworth, Bathroom Design & Supply can assist. We do our own tile work and our 35 years of experience can be helpful when choosing the right tile for you. Selecting the tile for walls, floors and even ceilings is a hard job. There is so much to choose from in materials, colours, patterns and design layout it can be overwhelming. Not all tile is created equal and not all tile is suitable for your bathroom. It needs to be waterproof. That rules out some natural stones that are porous but marble is a good choice for a luxury bathroom. Another high end choice is glass tile and it has caused quite a stir in luxury design circles.

Ceramic and polished porcelain have long been the most popular choices for bathroom tile at all price and style levels. You do want durability in Farnworth bathroom tiles and if possible, avoid the plastic tiles that look like ceramic. Plastic can look good and it’s economical but it loses its sheen and colour under harsh cleaners. The thing to do is select your price range then tile material and then your colour and design scheme. We can offer design help when using two or more colours and patterns in a scheme. Occasionally a tile will crack and need to be replaced. Order a few more than you need and we can always come back and replace the cracked tile from your extras for a perfect match.  

You can select from a broad range of bathroom tiles in Farnworth. There is no need to go from store to store to find a colour or design that inspires you. We at Bathroom Design and Supply pride ourselves on managing the design and installation of your new or refurbished bathroom. When we undertake your project, you can count on us to manage it from design to final installation. Contact Bathroom Design & Supply for a free quote on any sized bathroom in any price range. All the work is done in house by our staff professionals so the work is completed perfectly and efficiently.