Bathroom Suites in Blackrod

Bathroom Suites in BlackrodTreat yourself and your family to top-quality bathroom suites in Blackrod from Bathroom Design & Supply. We are a family run, specialist one-stop bathroom service company, with many decades’ experience in this sector. Being a local enterprise, we understand the trends, needs, preferences and budget of the communities we serve. Along with this, we are proud to provide our customers with access to the best of products, materials information and technology available across international markets. What sets us apart from other firms is our complete dedication to quality, affordable pricing and focus on customer service. No matter how big or small the project, we’re glad to help you with it.

Today, customers are faced with a dazzling array of choices when they plan their bathroom suites. In Blackrod, bathroom suites can be selected according to their style, theme, colour, finish, fixtures and accessories to sync with your concept of a dream bathroom. You may have planned a traditional design or contemporary plan to go with the rest of your home. Other clients want space saving ideas in a new suite that they’ve managed to find space for in their homes. Once you have the theme fixed, the next step is to firm up on the financials. Get a clear and detailed budget down on paper so that you know exactly where the money’s going to be spent. Add at least 10% to provide for unexpected extras. Industry sources report that costs can vary between £3-4.5 thousand including plumbing, electricals, materials, fixtures, materials and labour. If you’re undertaking a renovation, you could save a bit of money by salvaging usable material and keep plumbing costs down by maintaining the original layout.

Our bathroom suites in Blackrod should also be chosen on the basis of the size of your bathroom. If it’s a large space, you have more choices, but there are plenty of options for smaller bathrooms too. Whether you’re designing an en suite, cloakroom or a tiny but fully-appointed bathroom, contact us for more information. Whether you want to renovate or refurbish your old bathroom, or undertake a brand new build, our services can match your requirements.