Bathroom Prices in Lostock

Bathroom Prices in LostockHave you been checking bathroom prices in Lostock with hopes of remodelling your current bathroom or installing one where there’s never before been one? We’ll give you a quote that may surprise you. We work a little differently than some contractors and the result is lower prices and a less disruptive experience. The project is usually completed in less time because our methods are efficient. We’ll manage everything from the best design for your space, the supply of your choice from our wide range of cabinets and fixtures and finally, the full professional installation carried out by our in-shop tradesmen including electric, plumbing, tile setters and cabinet fitters.

The two best improvements you can make in your home is the kitchen and baths. For our customers in Lostock, bathroom prices for upgrading and renovating is money well spent. You’ll enjoy the bathroom now and you will get your investment back when you sell the home. Finding space for an additional bath is sometimes difficult, but we’ve converted even small spaces into fabulous wet rooms. This is especially nice for an en-suite bathroom parents dream of as their children get older and they themselves feel crowded. A beautiful tiled room with lighting that can be candlelight dim or bright as day. Little touches that don’t add a lot to the cost like a heated towel bar, powerful shower head and a Bluetooth speaker for your own personal backup band turn the bath into your private retreat.

Bathroom prices in Lostock for new and refurbished are all over the place just like the quality of workmanship and fixtures. Bathroom Supply & Design has been in business for over 35 years. We know where to buy the best quality fixtures at the lowest price. The best quality is not always the most expensive. We have an excellent working relationship with our suppliers that we’ve cultivated over the years. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply when you’re planning additions or upgrades to your bathrooms. We’ll design the bath to best utilise your space and make it efficient. You’ll choose from our tile designs, fixtures and cabinets. Then we’ll give you a quote for the entire job and an estimated finish date. You are going to love your new bathroom.