Bathroom Furniture in Atherton

Bathroom Furniture in AthertonSome of the best bathroom furniture in Atherton is designed by our skilled team. We can supply and install a fitted bathroom on even a small budget. As each customer has a different idea of what makes a perfect bathroom and is looking for their level of luxury we specifically design the bathroom to your requirements. One of the main requirements is storage space.  We store innumerable items in bathroom cabinets like towels, toiletries, medicine and cosmetics. The cabinets are made to fit even the smallest bathroom while still leaving space for the toilet, bath and shower.

Your bathroom is one place in your home where you should be able to relax. In Atherton, bathroom furniture is custom made to suit the space and the customer’s decor ideas. The bath and shower must be suitable and comfortable for the customer. It is no use having a tiny shower that has you bumping your elbows when you are trying to bathe and a bath that is too small to relax in. Our designers can help you to choose the perfect sized fittings and design the bathroom furniture around your fixtures. We have a wide range of shower designs from sliding and hinged shower enclosures to in-fold and walk in showers.

We take manufacture and install all types of bathroom furniture in Atherton. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply today or visit our showroom and see the huge range of bathroom fixtures we supply. We have over 35 years of experience in bathroom fixtures, design and fitting and have an in depth knowledge of how to design a practical and beautiful bathroom. We take great pride in our workmanship and provide value for money through a comprehensive service which includes not only the design and layout of the bathroom but also the manufacture and supply of the cabinets. Our services extend to electrically heated flooring in the bathroom, tiling to suit the new colour scheme and bathroom cabinets and accessories. We can also build wet rooms which are becoming very popular among homeowners. Add class and storage space to your bathroom with our high quality bathroom furniture.