Bathroom Designs in Little Lever

Bathroom Designs in Little LeverBathroom Design & Supply has created extraordinary bathroom designs in LIttle Lever; some large and others small. We fit our bathroom designs to utilise the available space as efficiently as possible. Some are lavish, others as tailored as a custom suit. Our wet room designs are contemporary modern retreats that are highly functional without a lot of upkeep. During our thirty-five years in business have zeroed in on sources of quality fixtures at the best price. We look at value for money and the best deal is not always a brand name. Our experience and connections saves our customers money. All work is done by our own employees from building your cabinets, to installing the fixtures, tile, electric, plumbing and heated floors. In this way we are able to maintain quality and price control which equals customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

We are local and family owned so customer service is a priority. In Little Lever, bathroom design means different things to different customers. For some it’s upgrading a current bathroom and for others it’s adding an additional bath using room space or a large closet. Our bathroom designs may be part of a home extension to add a master suite, an in-law suite or for ease in caring for a handicapped loved one. For the elderly and handicapped we have designs and fixture sources that will make their everyday life and that of their caregiver easier. When mobility is an issue we can start with wider doors, a wet room design so they can wheel from shower to accessible sink. Select non slip floors, hand supports, shower seating and more.

Your best bathroom design in Little Lever is the one that fits your taste, space and budget. We think you will be impressed with the quality of our workmanship and our dedication to perfection. We want to make the experience enjoyable for you because additional usable space is always exciting. Contact Bathroom Design & Supply for a consultation at your home. We’ll see what space we are working with and sketch out a floor plan to give you the most for your money. Our brochures of cabinets and fixture designs will inspire your own version of our designs. You really feel like a room is your own creation when you can select everything down to the smallest detail to suit.