Small Bathroom Ideas in Bolton

Small Bathroom Ideas BoltonSmall bathroom ideas in Bolton are found aplenty at Bathroom Design and Supply where we understand that the bathroom doesn’t have to be the smallest, most cramped and impractical space. Even if the bathroom is small, and you can’t extend it at all, there are a number of things one can do to open it up and make it feel more airy and spacious.

Here in Bolton, our small bathroom ideas have helped many customers convert their bathrooms into relaxing spaces that offer all one needs, making them into pleasant spaces. We were recently approached by a young couple who had purchased their first home. They really loved their flat but found it very difficult to cope with the tiny bathroom. The option to relocate or extend the bathroom was not available so we had to work with the existing space, focusing on changing the design and feel. The first thing we did was to move the bathroom suite; there is no reason one can’t do so when remodelling. Our designers, in conjunction with the homeowners, decided that a number of techniques would be employed. Once the fixtures were out, several existing small and impractical cupboards were also removed. These were replaced with a stylish, sleek shallow cabinet that took up less space and offered more storage space. A shower with glass walls that gave a far more open feel and greater free floor space was installed instead of a bath. A frameless mirror running the entire length of one wall, above the cabinet, also added to the illusion of space as did the recessed lighting, paint colours and the light-coloured wood furniture.

If you need ideas to transform your small bathroom in Bolton, call us at Bathroom Design and Supply, visit our two-floor showroom or contact us via our website today!