Shower Installation in Wigan

Shower Installation in Wigan arnworthShower installation in Wigan is an upgrade to your home that pays dividends in improved property value and your own comfort and convenience. So, if you are adding a bath to your home and space is an issue, consider a wet room. Perhaps you want the extra bath off your bedroom, an in-law suite or a basement recreation room. It’s there for convenience and if you never use a tub anyway, then why take up space with one. It’s just one more thing to clean. The storage in a shower area or wet room would not need to be significant. A small space for a few towels and personal items is all and a bit of space for a small sink and toilet. When you choose a wet room, the whole room is tiled; floor, walls, ceilings. The drain is under the showerhead but the whole room is open, not divided with doors or walls.

You may prefer a shower, complete with shower stall for your added bathroom. For homes in Wigan, shower installation can be achieved with very little space using a separate unit that contains the shower. This could be the extra stand-alone shower in your basement or an addition to a current powder room. If you are remodelling a current full bathroom consider if you prefer to have a tub with shower or a stand-alone. The stand-alone shower will free up space for a larger mirror and countertop or additional closets and cabinets. We build shower stalls into the room as a permanent fixture.  Shower stalls are very attractive with etched glass walls or decorative designs in colour. You might enjoy a beautiful room with an unobtrusive but attractive shower stall built-in.

Shower installation in Wigan is available for all needs. If you prefer a low threshold or floor level walk or roll-in shower with handicap fittings, we have many designs we think you’ll like. Our team has over 35 years of experience that encompasses products, brands and installation. We bring you functionality, quality fixtures and workmanship and aesthetics that suit your lifestyle. Contact us and we can come to your home and see what space you have available. We want to hear your plans and offer some of our ideas and suggestions. We guarantee you will love the final result.