Shower Installation in Lostock

Shower Installation in LostockBathroom Design & Supply is your full service shower installation in Lostock service. We design, build and install baths from the ceiling to the floor. That includes beautiful fixtures from contemporary modern to traditional to a charming antique look. Even those who love old and charming want modern bathrooms and showers. When you need a shower installed, we will design and build one that will coordinate with your existing bathroom. If you want a tub with shower, we can do that or if you want the tub gone and just a new shower, we can do that too. Adults without children and especially older adults do not feel the need for a tub but they love a luxurious shower.

Considering  the number of clients wanting showers installed we think long hot soaks in a tub have declined in popularity. In Lostock, shower installation reigns. At the end of the day people like a long hot shower under an adjustable massaging shower head surrounded with gorgeous tile designs, mood lighting and a speaker system. It’s like being transported to another dimension. Beam me up Scotty and make that transporter big enough for two. Even young children will stay in long enough to get clean. You might like your shower fitted with an on demand hot water tank and maybe heated towel racks. We could add a heat lamp too. Treat yourself to affordable luxury. It’s a nice way to start and end the day.

At Bathroom Design and Supply we undertake impressive shower installation in Lostock. Wet rooms are popular now and practical as well as luxurious. What sets them apart from other showers is the floor is level with the rest of the bathroom. For handicapped or elderly, wet rooms are ideal. Anyone would find this easier than climbing in a tub for a shower but a wet room shower doesn’t have a tray floor either. They’re wheelchair accessible and often have space for a shower chair. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply and tell us what you have in mind for your home shower. Our family has been in business locally for 35 years so it won’t be difficult to check our reputation and credentials.