Shower in Great Lever

shower in Great LeverYou could install a new shower in Great Lever and it would do the job it is designed to do. On the other hand, you could indulge yourself and install a luxurious wet room for showering for less money than you might imagine. Bathroom Design and Supply will take you through their portfolio of design and styles to give you some ideas for your own wet room. Add your own ideas of what luxury means to you and we will create your custom shower area. We are a full service bath design shop. Our customer service, design, and installation staff are superior. We bring 35 years of experience to your shower project and we know the best product brands for your money.

In Great Lever, shower or wet room should meet the needs of those using it. It has become popular to have an en suite walk in shower. You do not need a large space. Choose your tile or combination of tiles from our extensive selection. Then add the lighting and fixtures that are pleasing to you. If there is space, you can add cabinets that coordinate with the tiles. We will manage your project from design to installation including carpentry, plumbing, and tile setting and electrical. When we are finished, the wet room will blend beautifully with the rest of your house. We think you will be pleased with our service and prices.

You may need a shower in Great Lever that is accessible for elderly or handicapped family members. We can do that for you complete with safety bars and shower stools. Very often, one of the most difficult tasks for a caregiver is bathing. A spacious walk in shower makes bathing enjoyable for your family member and easy on your back. Bathroom Supply and Design can remodel an existing bathroom, transform a large closet, or spare room into the perfect space to fit your style. Anything is possible. Choose extreme modern fixtures, antique porcelain and chrome, Hollywood glitz complete with chandelier and everything in between. Just tell us what appeals to you and together we can make it happen. For information about shower design and installation, contact Bathroom and Design.