The Magic That Makes Small Bathrooms In Bolton Bigger!

bathroomDo you need to make your small bathrooms in Bolton appear larger? If you feel cramped in the smallest room of the house, turn to Bathroom Design and Supply for expert help. For most people, remodelling their bathrooms simply means changing the paint colour — but choosing the right colour to open up a small space is just the kind of thing the enthusiastic staff can help you with. Maybe you’d like a whole new look: they will help you to replace entire suites, create functional spaces, provide ample storage space, create a tranquil space that is both inviting and practical. Apart from making structural changes, they also advise customers about bathroom fittings which would match well with their bathroom design. Their “supply only” service enables customers to order entire bathroom suites and one-off parts. For expert advice, visit their showroom or they simply fill in an online form.

Recently, a couple from Bolton with small bathrooms called in Bathroom Design and Supply. They had purchased an old Victorian-style home that had three, small-sized bathrooms. The new homeowners were disappointed with the size of the bathrooms and therefore wanted remodelling and design tips. A staff member visited the home, and provided the couple with an assessment of the work that needed to be done to the services that were already in place, as well as required changes to the existing structure and design. Shortly afterwards, Bathroom Design And Supply was hired to completely remodel and redesign all three bathrooms in the Victorian home. A month later, the old Victorian home was fitted with three modern-style bathrooms.

At Bathroom Design And Supply, customers have access to a myriad of choices to re-design their bathrooms in Bolton. Their comprehensive list of services includes technical advice, fitting suggestions, and designing ideas. The company is equipped with tradespeople who are qualified and experienced, and they will deliver a service that is approachable and friendly, that is becoming of a professional company. For more information about their products and services, please contact them at 01942-810710.