Fully Fitted Bathrooms in Atherton

Fully Fitted Bathrooms in AthertonFully fitted bathrooms in Atherton by Bathroom Design & Supply are exactly that; fully fitted. That means our team of professionals design your new bathroom to your preferences. We assist you in choosing every cabinet, fixture, lighting, shower head, tiles, sinks, counters and mirrors. We have excellent sources from which to choose products that we’ve found offer great style and quality at affordable prices. When it’s time to install, our plumbers, electricians, tile setters, cabinet fitters, drywall installers and more fit your bathroom to completion. We don’t use sub-contractors for anything even paint and wallpaper. This is our secret to a fully fitted personally designed bathroom install at reasonable prices and time frame. We have complete quality control.

Those who want a new bathroom usually hope we’ll be able to use the available space more efficiently providing more storage. They also want, in Atherton fully fitted bathrooms with all the modern style and updates. Each customer has their most important want. They will say no matter what else we do they have to have that special attribute. For some, it’s more cabinets and counters, others want heated floors and for others it’s the world’s best bathroom lighting. We do our best to give our clients everything they want within the available space but sometimes compromise is necessary. When it is, we try to compromise around the all-important feature clients want the most. Maybe the counter space will only take one sink instead of two if we add the linen closet. That client may want the linen closet more than anything.

Bathroom Design and Supply has been designing and installing fully fitted bathrooms in Atherton for over 35 years. Customer service and satisfaction has built our reputation for quality and craftsmanship. You may have an old bathroom you want torn out and fully refitted or you want us to help you carve out a small space to add a shower room. Call us and let’s talk about the bathroom you wish you had and see if we can make it possible or come close. The bid is free and you’ll know the final price before you give your consent.  Remodeled and updated bathrooms is one of the best ways to add value to your home.