Dream Bathrooms in Bolton

bathrooms BoltonOur aim is to create luxurious and affordable bathrooms in Bolton. Traditionally, bathrooms are treated as ‘add-on’ rooms. In many residential properties, only a small space is allocated to serve as a bathroom. This is because people still view a bathroom as a place to take a bath or wash their hair. The only furniture they envision in their bathrooms is a toilet, bathtub, shower and bowl. A bathroom design can go terribly wrong if left in the hands of someone who does not have the ability to work with confined spaces. However, professional designers are able to turn all types of bathrooms into inspirational corners.

A young entrepreneur visited us to enquire about the level of our expertise in designing bathrooms. This enterpriser was living a busy live in Bolton and wanted her bathroom to help her relax and unwind after long days. She had read somewhere that a hot bath is recommended for deep muscle relaxation which could help to enhance muscles elasticity, relieve tension headaches and reduce cramps. Since then she had dreamt of having a bathroom that is large enough and designed in a way that could enhance her health. She desired to take a bath after a long and stressful day in a relaxed and comfortable environment. One of our professional bathroom designers sat down with her and discussed different things that could be done to create a bathroom of her dream. Taking the features of a bathroom she envisioned into consideration, we were able to create a room that provided lots of storage space for her towels and dryers. To create a relaxing mood, we used an array of lights that created an alluring mist in the room. In Bolton, better bathrooms are hard to find.

Bathroom Design & Supply is the number one supplier of bathroom accessories and furniture. The company has been in the industry for more than forty years and has designed many luxurious bathrooms in Bolton. Our team of professional designers and fitters help many people turn their bathrooms into relaxing and confortable rooms they love to spend time in. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom or you are just looking for fresh bathroom ideas call Bathroom Design & Supply at 01942 810710.