Bathrooms in Farnworth

bathrooms in FarnworthHow would you describe your bathrooms in Farnworth? If you said “functional”, that is great! A functional bathroom is like a blank slate; ready for you to imprint your personal style and creativity. Functional is where the fun begins. We will imagine that you have a tub with a shower of some sort. Of course, there is a toilet and a hand sink. More than likely those fixtures are white but they could be pinky-beige, avocado or aquamarine. There is a ceiling light and a light over a mirrored medicine cabinet. You probably have a few shelves or small closet to store needs. Washable semi-gloss paint is on the walls and the floor is vinyl sheet goods.

In Farnworth, bathrooms designed and installed by Bathroom Design & Supply become dream rooms. Choose from an excellent selection of ceramic tiles for your shower or for the whole room. Install beautifully made cabinetry to surround the fixtures. Modern lighting designed to be seen or recessed and indirect. There are so many quality fixtures from which to choose in modern, traditional or period design. Each detail in your bathroom can be functional and beautiful. Decorative faucets and doorknobs add eye-catching touches. Artfully designed hand sinks with sculpted shapes become focal points.

Are you thinking that luxury bathrooms in Farnworth fall outside your budget? You might be surprised at the cost and quality of products and skill from Bathroom Design & Supply. Just changing faucets and lighting can make a noticeable difference. Change a little or change a lot. Bathroom Design & Supply has 35 years of experience in design and installation to offer your project. They can help you plan and offer advice specific to your preferences. Tell them your budget and they will work wonders with it. Bathroom Design & Supply offers comprehensive services that include plumbing, tile work, drywall and electrical. Wood grain or painted cabinets are built to fit and installed. All work is in-house with no subcontractors. That means the work is easily coordinated and finished quickly to the same high standards. Bathroom Design & Supply knows how to make functional beautiful and comfortable. For more about bathrooms, contact Bathroom Design & Supply.