Bathroom Suite in Little Lever

Bathroom Suite in Little LeverIs it time for that refurbishment of your bathroom suite in Little Lever you promised yourself when you bought the home? How many years ago was that? If so, then we at Bathroom Design & Supply can design and create a functional space with the aesthetic qualities you’ve dreamed of. We know how to accomplish the task at the lowest price without sacrificing quality. One way we keep prices down is we do all the work ourselves; no subcontractors. Another way is our knowledge of products and good relations with suppliers. After thirty-five years in business, we know who makes the best tile and fixtures and that may not be the same company for both. For matching price to quality, the most expensive is not always the most durable. We know how to shop for the best value.

Final fixture, tile, lighting and cabinetry choices are always the clients. We offer carefully researched comparisons from which, in Little Lever, bathroom suite choices are made. Our clients have one point of contact so the whole refurbishment is simplified. How long will it take? That’s the question we get from most clients and we understand the reasons. We work efficiently starting with initial design plans for your approval. Once all interiors are chosen we work cohesively, each team doing its job. We tear out the old and clear the site. The work will move along without the interruptions and delays experienced with sub-contractors.

With your one point of contact for the design, supply and installation of your bathroom suite in Little Lever, you won’t have to wait or wonder about the stage of completion. No one likes the household disruption that comes with a remodelling project but the result is worth it. However, we disrupt as little as possible for the shortest reasonable time. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply for an investment in your home you can enjoy, even luxuriate in, for all the years you occupy the home. Move from just attractive and functional toward the splendour of easy care tile, controlled lighting, power shower, soft colours for plentiful cabinetry, expansive mirrors and heated floors. It’s your turn.