Bathroom Furniture in Westhoughton

bathroom furniture in WesthoughtonYour great-grandmother did not have bathroom furniture in Westhoughton. Even though the loo was indoors, it was still little more than a utility closet with minimal accruements. Fixtures were all white. By 1927 if you had the money, you could choose a complete bathroom suite in 6 different colours. A forward thinking bath fixture company discovered that just as outdoor colours lifted our mood, indoor colour could have the same effect. Designer bathrooms were born and the trend has continued. Colour does make us happy and so does beautifully designed cabinetry added to the bathroom. It is no longer a utility closet but an important part of our home decorating scheme. We all want a one-word description for our bathroom – luxury.

In Westhoughton, bathroom furniture installed by Bathroom Design & Supply fulfills the luxury requirement. Storage was never a problem in the old bathrooms. We stored our aspirin, cough syrup and Vicks on a rusty shelf inside the mirrored medicine cabinet. It had a slot in the back to dispose of used razor blades. Quite the luxury. Other than that, a rack to hold a towel and a bar of Ivory soap was all we needed. Today we have more stuff and we need a handy place to store it. We prefer custom fitted cabinetry with easy slide drawers topped with durable but gorgeous counter tops.

Look to Bathroom Design & Supply for bathroom furniture in Westhoughton. They have been in business 35 years so they know their products. They can design and fit your whole bathroom remodel. The company is family owned and they do all the fitting themselves. Their highly skilled fitters will make it look as if your bathroom furniture was installed when the house was built. It will be that perfect. Visit their gallery to see the range of products to choose from. Beautiful timber in natural finishes or painted to coordinate with your décor. Bathroom Design & Supply can redesign your bathroom to utilise space efficiently and allow for cabinet placement. Bathroom Design & Supply has the finest sources for high quality and low prices in bathroom fixtures, accessories, lighting, tiles and, of course, cabinetry. For more information about unique bathroom furniture, contact Bathroom Design & Supply.