Bathroom Furniture in Bolton

bathroom furnitureA customer contacted us recently to enquire about bathroom furniture in Bolton. She is remodeling her home and as it is a small one bedroomed unit, with a tiny en-suite bathroom that is barely big enough for a cat, let alone swing one, as she wryly described it. She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to redo the old look and modernize it. With some of our exceptional options that allow for any sized space to feel light, airy and comfortable, with a sense of grandeur, we put her mind at ease immediately.

At Bathroom Design and Supply we delight in being able to advise all our customers, whether they have a big bathroom overhaul to be done or need furniture for a bathroom that is on the smaller end of the scale. We will offer detailed advice from bathroom design to choice of quality fitments, to information regarding existing aspects that the customer wishes to retain. We offer everything in Bolton: bathroom furniture, tiles to flooring, handrails to showerheads. We have it all and know everything technical there is to understand. With a team that is approachable, highly skilled and professional we ensure a start to finish service that takes all the stress out of remodeling or building from scratch.

So the young lady who was looking for bathroom furniture in Bolton was most pleased to hear that her new bathroom design would allow for maximized space under the difficult circumstances that her house offered. And after visiting us at our display room with hundreds of exquisite items on display on two floors, she was most pleased that her specific tastes would be met. She was especially delighted that she could now even adopt a cat! Visit our website and complete our online contact form. We look forward to helping you too!