Bathroom Designs in Bolton

Bathroom Designs in BoltonIncluding the ideas of our clients into bathroom designs in Bolton gets tricky when the space is insufficient, the plumbing is on the wrong side or a window is in the way. We usually find a solution. We have 35 years’ experience designing and installing bathrooms and during that time we have overcome a myriad of obstacles. We do not subcontract any of our work and that helps us find solutions. We build and install the cabinetry so you can have a little or a lot, depending on the square footage. Our team moves the plumbing if needed and upgrades the electrical. No heating duct to this bathroom, no worries. Under floor heating will keep the space toasty warm. We can add lighting and electrical outlets wherever called for and according to code.

We have a good working relationship with suppliers of the top quality bath fixtures, lighting supplies, tile and more. We guarantee our work because in Bolton, bathroom designs and installation are controlled in house. You will find fixtures you like that best fit the size of your space to create balance. When you covet a master in- suite bath but space is limited, we want to show you designs for wet rooms. If you have never considered a wet room before, we can promise you a lot of luxury in a small space. We install luxury tile all around with a discreet floor drain. Elegantly shaped fixtures with luxury hardware and towel warmers add extra pampering.

Our bathroom designs in Bolton are geared not only to every sized space but also any taste in decor. If you like cabinets in beautifully stained timber you can have them, but if you prefer a modern shade of paint for cabinets, we promise you they will be beautiful. Cosy and soft or modern to the extreme, we have your bathroom design and can create it in your home. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply and we’ll set a time to visit your home and take measurements. You’ll tell us what amenities matter most to you and we’ll design your bathroom. There are no retailers or middle men included in the process and that means lower prices and more selection for you.