Best Bathroom Designs in Bolton

bathroom in BoltonThe great bathroom designs in Bolton from Bathroom Design and Supply will make it possible for you to have beautiful, functional and practical bathroom. We are a one-stop bathroom store that will help you to transform your bathroom. We were recently approached by a customer who needed ideas for a really small bathroom space. It is possible, with some creative thinking, to make even a really small space a pleasant and workable room.

In Bolton, bathroom designs are our area of greatest strength. Regardless of whether you want to redecorate an existing bathroom or create a new one and have limited space we can help! This customer had a cramped and very impractical bathroom. The first step is to take a look at what is already there. Is the furniture, such as the vanity, bigger and or wider than necessary? Is there a shower or a bath? What colour are the walls and tiles? Keep in mind that if one is refurbishing a bathroom it is not necessary to leave items such as the basin, bath or shower all the toilet where they are; they can be moved. If one decides to leave those items in place, it is not difficult to replace furniture with narrower items. A bath can always be replaced with a smaller one by a shower which takes up less floor space. Using materials – tiles, wood and so on – in a small bathroom that are light in colour will also make it feel much larger. The use of mirrors on walls or even just one wall will also open the room out. Also, use light-coloured paints and tiles and avoid too much patterning.

If you require bathroom designs in Bolton call us at Bathroom Design and Supply. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will answer your questions and offer advice. Visit us at our two-floor showroom or contact us via our website today!