Bathroom Design in Lostock

Bathroom design in LostockBathroom design in Lostock is made easy with an experienced team of designers. All you need to do is tell them what you need. You could choose to have a new set of cabinets or an entire bathroom refit. This will mean starting with the tile colour and design. There is a huge range of tiles to choose from. They come in different sizes as well as colours. Our helpful and professional staff can give you advice on different items and how they would fit into your existing bathroom space. Some bathrooms have a large amount of room to fit in anything you want but most of us have limited space. This will mean having to measure before selecting a bath and cabinets. If you decide to have a full refit,  it is easier as the room is then empty and you can have the entire space redesigned.

When you need a wet room in Lostock, bathroom design is a necessity. You could decide to have a small bathroom turned into a wet room which is less limiting. This is a modern way to have your bathroom all in one. The entire room is tiled and there is no walled in shower. The shower becomes part of the room. This takes up much less space than a cubicle or wall. The furnishings are also waterproof as the whole room is designed to be “wet”. This is a very good design if you have a mobility problem or a disabled family member as there are no steps or doors to be manoeuvred through.

Bathroom design in Lostock can be simple and beautiful. It could change your life and make huge difference to your home. Contact Bathroom Design and Supply today for a quotation for a bathroom design for a better and more comfortable bathroom. Consider electric floor heating and hot towel rails. For over 35 years we have been making bathrooms light, warm and exceedingly functional. Come in today and see the difference we can make.