Bathroom Cabinets in Wigan

Bathroom Cabinets in WiganBathroom cabinets in Wigan do not have to match kitchen cabinets or even other bathrooms in the house. At Bathroom Design & Supply, we have discovered that is a concern for some people. They walk through model homes to get ideas for refurbishing their own bathroom at home and notice all the cabinets in the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry room match. The reason new home builders do that is because it looks fine and it’s cheaper to use the same style cabinet throughout. However, it is not an interior design faux pas if your new bathroom cabinets are different from the rest of the house. Think about it. You wouldn’t use the same wallpaper in the bedroom that you use in the kitchen. What you do want are fine quality cabinets installed by professionals.

At Bathroom Design & Supply we know our products in Wigan, bathroom cabinets and indeed all bathroom fixtures. We have been in business for 35 years so we have learned what manufacturer brands are reliable and priced fairly. Trends come and go but bathroom cabinets can be metal, stained wood or painted wood. All come in many varieties of colour and design. When our installers are finished it will look like the cabinets were built with the house. If you are looking to replace all the fixtures in your bathroom including the cabinets we can design a plan for you. However, if you just want to add a few cabinets around existing fixtures we can do that as well. In fact, we also do all the plumbing, electrical and tiling in house as well. That gives us quality control over the whole job.

Who doesn’t need more bathroom cabinets in Wigan? Maybe your bathroom doesn’t have room for a standard width or height. Your available space may be just an inch or two too large or small. That is not a problem. Contact Bathroom Design & Supply and we will show you how easily we can custom fit the cabinet of your choice to your space and make it look like it was designed to fit. Painted wood cabinets in a variety of modern colours are in high demand. Visit our showroom and see how they soften the look of what can be a utilitarian looking space. Wood cabinets are treated for long lasting damp resistance to a sometimes steamy room. We know how to keep them looking great through the years.