Bathroom Lighting in Atherton – Add Luxury to Your Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting in Atherton How high you are willing to go for bathroom lighting in Atherton? It depends on your ceiling! It can easily accommodate a chandelier or pendant lights. This gives your bathroom a touch of luxury and glamour. Apart from high ceilings, bathrooms can have a variety of architecture. Bathroom lighting should augment natural light, if it is in short supply. For this, ambient light is required, achieved by the use of mirrors, recessed lighting, using white interiors, dimmers and so on. But if there is plenty of natural light, having a skylight is a great idea. Skin tones are said to be complemented best by natural light!

LED lights are popular, and they are suitable for bathrooms as well. In Atherton, bathroom lighting is almost exclusively LED lighting. They are safe, pose no danger with exposure to moisture, operate at lower temperatures and are environmentally friendly too. When it comes to the colour of the light, you can choose either warm white or cool white light. Warm white is not as bright as cool white light. A dimmer is essential, so that the light can be turned up while shaving or applying make-up, and turned down for relaxing in the tub. Our design team can give you all the advice and assistance you need.

Looking for a touch of Hollywood – vanity bathroom lighting in Atherton are the answer. They are a deluxe feature in bathrooms, if you have large mirrors. Ideally, they should hang from the ceiling at a height of approximately 78 inches from the floor. If they are fixed to the mirror, they should be at eye level, 28 inches apart, on either side. When looking for fixtures, downward facing lights are the ones for vanity, and upward facing lights make for ambient lighting. In the installation of bathroom fittings, lighting is an important feature. We offer a choice of fitted bathrooms and showers for a brand new bathroom, or a complete makeover of your old one. From planning to project completion, we create the bathroom of your dreams. Bathroom suites, coordinated with the tiles, fixtures and the lighting create an ambience that is worth the effort. Contact Bathroom Design & Supply today for the best bathroom lighting.  You’ll be thrilled at our selection.